A comprehensive set of productivity tools specifically for law students

Create Digital, Searchable Case Briefs

ProBriefs automatically categorizes your cases by course, topic and date due.

Build Review Lists with a Single Click

Create review lists with a single click as your brief your cases.

Create Digital Flashcards with a Single Click

Create flashcards from your review lists. No need to duplicate efforts.

Manage Assignments and To-Do Lists

Quickly and easily manage due dates and assignments in one place.

Student Dashboard

Take Command of Law School From Day One

The best way to get ahead is to start off ahead.

While most 1L students start off their law school career having to figure out the best way to manage their new life as a law student through trial and error, ProBriefs gives you the advantage by providing you with a tried and true, full-featured, customizable platform to manage your courses, create digital case briefs, export one-click review lists and flashcards from case law, and manage your assignments and due dates, all in one platform.

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Case Briefs

Create Digital, Searchable, Case Briefs

Preparing a case brief forces the student to synthesize what has been read and enables the student to be confident when called upon in class. Following the customizable brief template will enable the student to draw from the cases what law professors want students to know and be prepared for class discussions.

Briefing cases is integral to helping the student learn the concepts being taught. Resist the temptation to "book brief" or rely on commercial case briefs. Students who take the time to synthesize the case into their own words retain more information and will have an advantage at test time when it counts.

The ProBriefs platform is designed for flexibility. Each student can define the sections of their case brief template for the level of detail they want to capture.

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Review List

Build Your Review List With A Click

As the student enters the details of each case brief, those items can be tagged for later review with a single click, and automatically populates a review list that can be printed or viewed online for each course. This can be especially helpful for rules the student will be tested on, or specific details of a case. This method eliminates redundant efforts and saves time, which is the most precious resource for a law student.

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Case Briefs

Study with Integrated Flashcards

Automatically convert review list items to integrated digital flashcards with a click. Flashcards can be organized into folders that each student can customize. Flashcard categories or folders are particularly useful to group flashcards into chapters or major topics covered in each course. Our export wizard generates an export format that can be imported into popular flashcard apps, such as Quizlet.

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